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"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard..." Every time I hear this cliché quote, I can't agree more with it, but some part of me thinks it's only easier said than done.

I don't mean to be pessimistic here, but sometimes a reality check that's just straight-up blunt and aggressive is what we need. We all have dreams and aspirations, but what are the actual chances of it happening.


Basketball- .03% for Men and .02% for Women

Football- .09%

Soccer-.08% for Men and approximately .04% for Women


(These percentages are not the actual odds but just relative and a guestimate)

What Are Your Odds of Making the Pros › ProSportsOdds


Acting: Only 2% of Actors make a living

Singing: .00002%

(These percentages are not the actual odds but just relative and a guestimate)

There are so many more professions out there and career choices that are possible.


The Chances are LOW...

And its reality...



The only reason why the chances are low is that only the top of the top talent in the world that put in tremendous work and sacrifices make it. So yes, potential does have to do with your possibility of making pro because clearly, a man with no arm or someone who can't see is already at a disadvantage. Some people are born with insane athleticism, speed, and height. Although the point I'm trying to make is that some people have that edge.

Just stay with me for a sec. I'm not trying to beat you down to make you give up... Although, If you can't handle this, it's going to be a hard road.

But at point-blank, as I said, the road is hard no matter what, and the only reason why it's hard is that a lot of people just can't take it anymore. All the beating and losses they take are just too hard and they need to easy way out. They drop it and move on (Not all cases)


THE KEY INGREDIENT TO SUCCESS: Relentless Determination and Time

In my other blog: We all have equal opportunities, I discuss how no person in this world is at an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to ambition.

So what it boils down to, is who in the hell is willing to get the hell up after they are beaten down to their knees. No matter how many blows and "no"s they are given, who is still willing to keep going.

So if you can keep working at your craft with detail and purpose, as time passes, there is no reason why you shouldn't be good.

So go shoot your shot no matter how low the chances are. If they tell you "No", keep going... But if your heart says that you want something else in life. You aren't giving up, you are simply doing what I am asking you to do.


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