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We will all be forgotten

As pessimistic as it sounds and demoralizing the title is, I hope you carry on and read this whole post. I'm not here to tell you to stop following your dreams and stop being the ambitious people you are, but to merely help and push you along this journey and keep you on track. To make sure that you aren't derailed from the failures and the more unsuspectively dangerous, the successes. Keeping you grounded and true to the moral values and ethics that have brought you to the current situation you are in. Whether you are a Division 1 commit or just beginning your ever-lasting journey, know that


No matter what kind of legacy you leave behind or the title that you gain or earn, you're going to be forgotten... There are many people in this world such as European Kings and Queens who rightfully along with their entitlement, thought that they were the most significant and well-known being. Yes, their name would be heard and mentioned for years after, but I bet you that they would've never thought at the time fo their reign, that we wouldn't even know their mere existence. 15th King of England... Who in the world is that is what most people would say.

You may retaliate with the fact that some people who absolutely took the stage in their respective industries are still mentioned today and the names still float around. What.. So your name is mentioned here and there? Don't worry, through time those names are gonna fade and when your gone, the world will weep for the loss of a life, but man will they move on quick. This is not a bad thing and something you should be worried or mad about. It's life. People have things to do and their attention will move towards different things.

This doesn't mean that your life means nothing and that whatever you do is meaningless. Everything you do affects this world and the people who choose to follow, and all I am trying to instill in these simple words is humility. No matter where you go in life, just know that at some point in time, your name will disappear into the night sky along with many other amazing people who've walked this earth.


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