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We all bring something to the table

Kobe Bryant once said in an interview about one's talent and potential and how one must embrace their innate skills. "One only has to dance beautifully within the box they are given".

Every single person in this world has abilities and skills that they seem to be born with and make them who they are. The last thing someone should do is to not accept these unique characteristics.

"The individual who stays most true to themselves is the one who comes out victorious..."

So two weeks ago, I had a tournament up in Orlando and performed on a decent level. Came 5th out of an alright field, but saw some amazing golf this weekend. After I finished on the last day, I was exhausted and gutted to know that I lost to a friend of mine and couldn't perform the way that I had wanted to. The moment I saw him, I dropped to the grass and faceplanted as a joke... Well half as one of my best friends, Guillermo Polo Bodart put together a (-8) 64 that ended with two bogeys.

Basically, he tiger woods'd it and then turned back to himself for the last two holes... I'm sorry I had to take a jab at you man, but did Kobe ever want to see Tracy McGrady beat him.... No, but I still want the best for you...

Then as we look to the girls finish out on the 18th, we take a glance at the leaderboard that said (-4) for the day, Jiwoo Shin. Another friend of mine Giselle plays some amazing golf and ties the leader. She walks off the 18th hole and I tell her that she's tied with the leader. The typical "Giselle" reaction of, "Noooooooo....... I'm tired... No, Flora is going to make birdie now and beat me..." Flora makes a great up and down for par and pushes for a playoff. But as she does so, Giselle is furious that she didn't make a birdie to beat her.

Giselle really didn't want to be there... She wanted to go home ASAP with a loss and she was more than fine with it. Well, that's what she made it seem as.

Then we went to a playoff. 5 holes went on where Flora had some great looks to clinch the win, but couldn't seem to. Giselle was mad and threw mini tantrums when Flora missed the putt for the win, as again, she wanted to go home. While watching, I noticed this and was talking to a friend of mine, Kyotaro. Another great golfer from Japan, and what I thought in my head was," To be honest, I hope that Giselle wins." I wanted to see with my very own eyes, someone who really didn't fit the mold of an exact "Champion", but still proved everyone wrong with a win. A so she did.

Shoutout to Flora (Ciayi Zhang).... Keep your head down and don't let anyone tell you no and keep your focus.

Same goes with the kid I was talking to, Kyotaro. He was going through a breakup and had played some amazing golf. Although what we both came to an agreement on and what I truly love about this kid is that he is genuine. He never veers off of the compassionate, slightly-women like, and empathetic soul he was born with. And there I mentioned how it is an accumulation of his whole childhood and life. He has a little sister, unlike me, and guided her with kindness and compassion, whereas I have absolutely tore my brother on multiple accounts with the same goal in common. To be the best Brother possible.


I don't expect you guys to see this story and be like "OH MY GOD, I get it..." This is a story on my account and does not mean that you guys won't have one either. Just take the time to reflect and try to notice it in your world.

All I can say is that no matter who you are, stay true to yourself and embrace the box that life has given you. Dance beautifully within it and you have succeeded.

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