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Trial and Error

When an algebra problem that you completely forgot how to do pops up in a test, and you plug specific numbers in and somehow get the question right... How good does that feel?

And I bet it would've felt better if it took you 100 different numbers rather than getting it on your second try. It is the satisfactory factor in the fact "you've put so much work in, and success came your way." How relatable is that analogy, though?

The funny thing is that this is the same approach you need to bring to every problem you face. Every single problem has a very distinct solution that variates to every individual. Similarities, yes... Same, no...

Although, in order to enact this mentality and approach, you must instill two essential qualities within yourself to reach this ultimate solution


1) Curiosity

Firstly, you must be able to maintain this hunger for knowledge and a childlike mindset. When you see the adolescent being grow into the ages that they learn how to talk, you will notice that they have an array of questions to everything that you might see in this world as normal. It's clearly due to the fact that they haven't seen these things before and just haven't spent enough time on this earth to know such things. But when they can start forming words and later questions, children will follow up with, "What's that? Why?" to the point that it's obnoxious, but learn that this is what most humans start to lose as they grow older. You start to think that you've seen everything this world offers and that when you are stuck in front of an impediment, you think you've resorted to every possible process and don't know what to do... Staying curious about what works and what order this puzzle needs to be formed will help you find the solution sooner.

2) Patience

Secondly, you must stay patient and keep grounded through this process of trial and error. The qualities of curiosity and patience go hand in hand, and when you can remain curious through the most challenging times of your life and maintain patience and tranquility in the midst of a storm, you will find the solution. Some problems you will face may take one trial, and you succeed, but some problems may take over 1000s of trials, and these number of trials that make the success feel like a feat of triumph. Maintain that patience as you go through these different trials, but remember that when you stumble upon a problem and your solution didn't fit the puzzle. Step back and review your approach. Analyze it in depth to see what worked this time... Is it a matter that I need to change my approach, or is it that it needs more time?


Through this tough journey, see it as a blessing that it's taking, and when you find the solution taken, so much sacrifice to get to where you've come. Not only will it feel amazing, but it is this rocky journey and marathon that you are running where you meet and establish relationships with extraordinary people in your life with a similar drive and fire as you. You will also grow and evolve into a human being that you never thought you could've become.


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