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Surrounded by Wisdom

The most coveted belonging to the most successful people is the wisdom one learns through experience and time. It is what separates the rooks from the vets. The average and the greats. The children from their parents.



From you and who you want to be.

The mere difference between you and the person that you want to be is not that vast first of all. All it is is what's in that head of yours. Which you might not care at all for, but is the root to what you probably do care for (accolades, achievement, pride, recognition), and it's not wrong to want such things, but be careful.

What's relieving is that you don't have to do much to achieve the dreams that you want to, which may sound stupid because you do have to do so much.

Valid to an extent.

Like I said...

Time + experience = Growth in Wisdom


That time is going by whether you like it or not, just saying. So technically, one part of the equation is covered for everyone. Technically, all you have is one more... Which is what everyone seems to fuss about.

Experience is to encounter or endure any situation, which is directly related to time as well. So both go hand in hand, but what makes the time that passes count as experience is the intention and deliberate actions you take every day. Essentially, whether the time passes is invested in the goal you want to reach.

Do not give up is the answer. If you can keep enduring... keep encountering... keep treading through every situation that is brought by that pursuit of achieving your dreams. You will gain wisdom. As through wisdom, the more you encounter and endure, the more of such you will accumulate, and the stronger you have become. Mentally...

The physical transformation or the rankings, accolades, attention, and pride, which is was every athlete is blinded with, comes as you stick to the equation through time. But do not make this the priority and center of attention of which you fight that dream for. "BRAH, You betta den dat."Then what is the focus?

Go and find it...


WISDOM through others

Of course, the wisdom that you learn and develop through your own experience and that equation I gave you specifically grounded to you is crucial.

But this would ain't just about YOU...

Plus, a simple saying that I know in my heart is that,


Don't ever think you are better or know better than someone else because you are losing that opportunity to gain perspective or that highly proclaimed WISDOM that you want so badly. No matter who the F in this world you meet, and no matter what background and life this person lived, it's a sure lot different from yours. Make the world your library...

It don't hurt to learn from their f**k ups, so you don't do the same. It also don't hurt to understand their successes so that you can share them.

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