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Stay In Your Lane

"She's just soooo fast... I don't get it... I know I work harder than her and put in all this effort. Towards my recovery, craft, skillset, body, and everything. But still, I can never beat her, and it's just so unfair..."

I rest my hand on hers as a single teardrop dribbles down her red-hot cheek and hits her thigh like the first raindrop preceding the ever-lasting thunderstorm.

"Baby, slow down and breathe for me."

Gazing with her glassy chocolate eyes, I stare at what seems to be a single roasted cocoa bean with a glistening shimmer as I brush off the salty droplet and along the stream that began from the gem itself.


I'm sorry if it became so artsy and poetic, but really trying to tap into my fiction-writing skills that I learned from my one and only, amazing, inspirational, and beautiful Mrs. Tracy Hodges. I know she will be reading this and I just want to thank you here for all the amazing effort you put into teaching this class. It is truly a blessing and a wondrous opportunity to be able to be mentored and guided by you.


SO BACK TO what I was saying

This was the exact conversation with a fiction-esc spin of Sara(girlfriend) and me after a substandard training session she had. We had a long conversation, but I'm not trying to fictionize it with splendid imagery cause its not the point.

Yes, there are some people that are faster, stronger, quicker, taller, and smarter. Some people have that ability to bring together a beautiful story like no other, perfect pitch or that calm stroke to their beautiful artistic masterpieces. They just seem to have it all figured out as they fit the perfect ideal mold. Ideal meaning, you wish you had those similar traits.

Then in life, you meet these people along the way. They have similar dreams and aspirations and seem to ahead of you. You think you're behind. You think you're stuck. You brain starts to spiral out of control and you end up wounding up in this hole that you dug yourself. Questioning every single decision you've made and your self-worth. Whether all of the sacrifices you've made and your parents made was a waste of time and money.

They did nothing to you... Their just taller, faster, stronger, smarter, and have all of the innate skills you desire that are better than what you are.




When we look at the ideal situation we want to be in and let our imagination run loose, we can easily grasp a hold of what we want and where we want to be. We always want to be the best and on our top form at all times. Which, rightfully so, is what we strive for.

It is when we aren't where we want to be and see people around us that are in the place that we want to be. Which will always happen.

Rule #1: The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself...

You need to take a step back and acknowledge the day-to-day growth from yourself 5 years ago all the way to yesterday. It will allow you to see the path you have walked and put the actual experience into perspective... KNOCKS YOU IN YOUR PLACE...

Rule #2: When looking at other people, "look at their plate, and don't check if they have more or less than you.... but whether they have enough."

It is a simple fact that we as people have a source of greed that gets touched into from time to time and how we find some kind of satisfaction in power, money, position, status. That is why you get so fussed over the fact that you are less than someone. You want to be more than them which is a viable reason. But say I put you in the highest position that is ever imaginable... Everything you want... But I can guarantee you'll come walking back to me for more and more and more. The simplest way to live is to make sure everyone has enough.

What we must come to an understanding is that every single person has their own road that they must walk and tread through and how no path is better than any other.

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