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Present Moment

Unfortunately, I have not watched The Last Dance, a documentary on the basketball career of arguably the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. Although when I was quarantined at IMG Academy for the rest of the school year, which was done online, my coach had told me that if he can take one thing away from The Last Dance, it was how a reporter who followed Michael Jordan around all of his career had stated what his "secret stuff" was. It wasn't the fact that he had a 48 inch vertical or was the quickest on the court, but the fact that he stayed in the present more than anybody else did.

The reporter had said that was the separator of the greats, and the average NBA player, which with no due disrespect, is an amazing accomplishment in itself. Although what separated these two calibers was the number of thoughts that they had. Subjectively and with zero scientific evidence, the reporter put this idea into a number to make this easier to understand. The greats such as Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, MJ, and LeBron James have an average total of 1,200 thoughts a day. On the contrary, an average person will have a total of 12,000 thoughts a day. I know your thinking, whether having fewer thoughts as a human is possible. No... The guideline of a thought that is counted, which I have created, has a set of rules of what makes a thought count or not.

  1. Any thought that is not in the present (ex. what's for dinner? Whats training for today?)

Exception- thoughts regarding a conversation or interaction with someone does not count as you are in the present.


This is the idea of focus that links back into efficient practice. Now creating that myelin on the axons is fastened when practice is efficient. When given complete focus and attention and fewer thoughts that are not in the present are evoked, your brain creates more myelin, thus improving/refining your craft skills.

The present moment also applies to coping with disappointment, failure, and shortcomings. These impediments are what derails people from their dreams and goals, but by facing it head-on and appreciating all that you already have and the growth you've already made is going to help you get off you a** and look at what's next. I know it hurts, I know it sucks, and I know giving up is the easiest option, but take a deep breath and know that this makes you stronger. So love it, appreciate it, move the hell on to your next task and do it with all the focus you have.


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