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No Excuses

Excuse: a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.,something%20Please%20excuse%20the%20mess.

"We have a million and one excuses we can go to, but the fact of the matter is, we are not gonna make any of them."-Kobe Bryant.


What is it this time? You have too much hw? Couldn't get any sleep? Is Life unfair? Well, guess what, it ain't gonna get easier. What Kobe said in his quote after a tough loss to the Detroit Pistons in the NBA finals can't be more than accurate... Kobe told the reporters later that the loss was his fault for not getting the new guys and his teammates on the same page. He said his mis-preparation and carelessness cost him the finals. Without a doubt, Kobe put in his life day in and day out until the day he died. The whole team and organization are at fault, but he had the audacity to call himself out and understood that these were the things that he did wrong and how the external factors did not play in his favor. He said the next season starts now with tears running down his eyes and the fatigue of a body-draining season.

Accountability is the true characteristic that must shine through in these situations. Factors that are both within and out of your control all affect the outcome, and it is the ability to say that this is what I did wrong and the acceptance of the uncontrollable that helps people through adversity.


Situation: Your Business is failing as sales and production are going down due to COVID-19

Excuses: Corona ruined my Life... My workers are lazy... My personal Life is stressful... My assistant is always late...

I don't know what else to say but just shut the hell up, please.

What you should say: I didn't prepare for a situation like this. I haven't been taking enough initiative. I should be giving my family more attention.

There are again an infinite amount of excuses you can make. No excuse is better than another... COVID-19 ruined my Life sounds better than the coffee machine was broken. But both are technically eligible excuses that do account for the outcome at hand. And you know what they have in common? COMPLETE UTTER USELESSNESS! Blame it on other people; they're not gonna do a single thing for you.

Now be accountable for the countless mistakes that every human being makes and just learn from them. If you can blame yourself and admit your faults, YOU are the only one who changes them. This is your Life, right? Life doesn't just hand you blessings. You need to have the courage to say that I messed up, and I'm the one to blame. Because sure as hell, blaming is the easiest course of action.

Cowards don't make it... Face what you fear head-on and say it's your fault when YOU FAILED...


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