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How everything HAPPENS for a REASON

I know that you most probably have been told this countless times, but let's take a little more in-depth analysis of what this phrase truly means...

A very close friend of mine and my beautiful girlfriend have stressed this phrase throughout their lives and me...


Shintaro Mochizuki is a professional tennis player at the age of 17 years old. Reaching the ITF junior combined ranking of number 1 on July 15, 2019, he has reached junior tennis's pinnacle. He is also the first Japanese-male not only to reach a grand slam junior singles finals but to win the 2019 Wimbledon Singles Championship. He is now competing on the ATP men's tour and is currently ranked 732. Having the opportunity to compete at IMG Academy at the age of 12 was no easy task for Shintaro. Not being able to speak a single bit of English, he had to move away from his family and carry out a very rigorous lifestyle. He has told me that his first two years here were some of the most challenging times in his life because he didn't have many people he could talk to, and he kept to himself for years. Traveling to tournaments for almost 3/5 of the year and practicing from sunrise to sunset when he is back at IMG, he can only visit his family ten days out of the year. He persevered and stuck to the grind no matter how much it hurt and is now a very close friend who listens to all of my worries and stupid jokes. He tells me, "I have zero regrets because every decision and occurrence has brought him to where he is."


Sara Oi is a senior at IMG Academy and is of Mexican and Japanese descent. Born in Japan, she was raised in Nagoya till the age of 10 and has always had a knack for running. She then moved to Mexico for two years and later moved back to Japan, where she attended Nagoya International School to further her studies. At the age of 14, she moved to the US to attend Admiral Farragut Academy and pursue her dreams of being an olympian track-athlete. Sara runs the 300m hurdles event and recorded the 11th fastest time in the country as a Freshman. Even though she saw success on the track, with a significant change and being away from family, she didn't have many people to talk to and faced many challenges throughout her road. At the end of 10th grade, she decided to attend IMG Academy to develop as an athlete and student. During her 10th grade year, she injured her hamstring and faced a major setback. But her drive and determination allowed her to get right back on the horse, and has made extremely significant improvements. Even though she hasn't seen her family for over a year and will not be seeing them for a lot longer, she always makes the best out of her situation and works like her life depends on it. There is no other person in this world that is as kind, caring, resilient, beautiful, and strong as she is and is someone I look up to like no other. Every setback that has come her way is an opportunity to grow, and she tells me every day that "she wouldn't want it to be any other way."

Two very important people in my life that have accomplished so much in life both as a human and an athlete... Take it from them...


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