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There is an incredible non-profit organization named Hope Sports, founded and ran by a former professional cyclist, Guy East. He raced in the professional circuit and performed very well at the beginning of his career. With a couple of good finishes, this came to a halt as he had an injury and seemed as if he would never come back the same. He did not let this injury stop him, but his performance went down as he came back from his injury. As he wasn't performing the way he used to, people started treating him differently. His sponsors were on him to perform better, his earnings went down, and people were not as interested in him as before. He noticed that the better he performed on the track, the more people loved him, and the happier he was. This is where he caught himself... He found happiness in the external factors for only a temporary amount of time. Right before a race, he called his mother to tell her that he would quit cycling as he did not find true joy. He took a year to live in homeless shelters, travel the world, and do community service all around the world. As he traveled the world, he noticed how the people of many unfortunate circumstances find happiness in the smallest things in life. Their happiness doesn't come from the materialistic things in life, but the fact that they get to see another sunrise and sunset. He found the fire within himself to race on the professional tour, and so he did. But now even better than ever as he raced in bigger events, better finishes, and raced in the tour de France.

On October 15, a house was built in Tijuana, Mexico, by a student-athletes team from IMG Academy. I was given the opportunity to travel to Tijuana, Mexico, to build a house for a very unfortunate family. Along with my friends and teachers, in two days, a sturdy and legitimate house was built, but more importantly, 23 kids and four chaperones had a life-changing experience. As we added the final pieces to the house, the organization, students, and families came together to give a final blessing. Our principal, Mr. Locke, told me that I should be the last to speak and the person who gives the keys to the father. One by one, as every student made a comment and thanked them for the opportunity, my heart started beating faster and faster as my turn approached. Thinking of every sentence that I wanted to say, my turn came closer and close, and as a result, I became more nervous. Then the moment came, where I stepped up, and the emotions hit. I choked on a couple of words, but I said what I had to say. I looked at the father in the eye and clasped his hands as I put the keys in his hand, and I said, "Tu tienes a casa."

On that day, I knew what I was going to do in my life. I decided that no matter what I did in my life, I would bring change to people's lives and the world. At the moment, I will utilize golf and the platform that I can create to bring this change. I have a lot of ideas and aspirations for what I want to change... But, this is what I will do, no matter what...

No happiness in the world matches the emotions that are evoked when you know that you've changed a life, and knowing that someone loves/appreciates you.

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