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Every human being on this earth has something to fight for. Something bigger than themselves. Whether it's family, friends, loved ones, or a cause, there is a privilege and honor to do so.

It can also be a measure of admiration and respect between the individual and its community, but for me, it is representation.

It comes down to my personal two meanings: Something to represent and something to fight for.



People don't understand the importance of their last name, number, jersey, logo, and badge they wear on their hearts. What it comes down to is that your not the only one. You're not the only one wearing number 10, from the same country, wearing that last name. These representations are what ties people together under the same roof. Creating a community that in society will be perceived as good or bad by its actions. Every single action that you take projects into the reputation and idea of the people you represent. It is the family name you inherited, the country in which you're born, the team you represent, and ultimately yourself.

The burden of these honors and respects must be acknowledged and cannot be ignored with a simple excuse. You have not come down this road by yourself and have had the assistance and support of many people, noticeable or not; you represent each and every one of them as well. Carry yourself and know that every action you make represents your family, teammates, supporters, and yourself.



What you fight for and what you represent does go hand in hand with each other, but rather than just merging them, I just thought I should keep them separate.

Whether it's a cause or someone you fight for. All it is like repeated is that it's bigger and more than who you are. Yes, you fight for yourself and the pride, respect, and admiration you want from the others around you, but you'll learn sooner or later that happiness can only be shared...

Finding what you fight for is the hard part. All the way from family, teammates, an organization, cause, and even people you don't know is somewhere you can start. There are people out there that don't have the opportunities that you have. Handicapped by the condition that life has put them in. You don't have to be their savior, but you can fight for what they represent and give them the voice they deserve.

Know that you can bring honor to the people you want to represent and give honor to the people who can't do what you can.

This is what it means to the ALL BLACKS of New Zealand.

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