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Eyyy... Wait, before you press the back button...

As an aspiring professional athlete, writer, scholar, and many more, I would like to share my perspective and approach that I have learned throughout my years on this earth. This blog is a collection of my outlook on life and the road to success that I have accumulated through my personal experience and the works of Bob Rotella, Kobe Bryant, Jim Affremow, Joseph Parent, Ryan Holiday, and many other athletes, authors, and mentors of mine. I am informed that I do not have the credibility and status of Kobe Bryant and his idea of Mamba Mentality or Admiral William H McRaven and his lessons through being a Navy Seal. 


But I know that everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.

This blog was made to spread my knowledge and experiences to help others get through obstacles in life and to live life with no regrets. It also serves to accumulate and centralize all of my thoughts and ideas that I learn and develop throughout my journey of being the best version of myself. Both on and off the golf course, but there's a catch... You guys are why I do this and the most critical part of this website because I want you guys to send me lessons and concepts that have helped you get through the setbacks in life.

Torrance, CA ---->>> Honolulu, HI ---->>> Osaka, JP ---->>> Bradenton, FL ---->>> La Verne, CA

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